You will find below the procedure to get your free e-visa (simple entry) for the Dakar 2021. It is therefore not necessary to apply to your embassy


This procedure concerns all persons registered with A.S.O. (competitors, assistance, press, TV...).

The A.S.O. team dedicated to processing your application will take care of obtaining your eVisa after checking that the registration is complete and the full payments for each competitor and assistance member.

To make your request, you have to send the following documents:

  1.  A clear, readable and valid copy of the photo page of the passport of the person requiring a visa, in JPEG format
  2.  A identity photo in colour (head and shoulders) of this same person in JPEG format (dimensions: between 4 and 16 Ko and 200x200 pixels)
  3.  An Excel file of this type containing the full details of your team (last name, first name, nationality, date of birth, passport number, date of validity)

Please respect carefully the formats. You have to send these documents in a zip format before Friday, 10th of December to the following email address:

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