The preparers guide you in your adventure on the Dakar. They are experienced teams of cross-country rally with a high knowledge of the Dakar.

Depending on the preparers, you will be able to find the vehicle of your choice (bike, quad, SxS, car or truck) matching your budget.

The whole for a single purpose, to get you to the finish line!

Discover the Catalog of Dakar Official Preparers:

Preparers of France

  • Partner Team boucou UK
  • Partner Compagnie Saharienne - EN
  • Partner Dragon Rally Service
  • Partner MD Rallye Sport
  • Partner PH Sport
  • Partner RS Concept
  • Partner Sodicars
  • Partner STA Competition
  • Partner Team Barr Beziat Assistance
  • Partner Team BBR
  • Partner Team Generation 4x4
  • Partner Team Nomade Racing
  • Partner Team SSP
  • Partner Vaison Sport
  • Partner Xtreme Plus UK
  • Partner BTR
  • Partner Solurent
  • Partner Team Pinch Racing
  • Partner CLC
  • Partner Aravis Rallye Raid
  • Partner TEAM FJ
  • Partner CJ ASSIST

Preparers of Spain

  • Partner Club Aventura Touareg
  • Partner Herrator Motorsport
  • Partner Pedrega Team UK
  • Partner XRaids Experience
  • Partner FN Speed
  • Partner GPR Sport
  • Partner Buggy Masters Team
  • Partner 4WD Jaton Racing
  • Partner Epsilon Team
  • Partner TH-TRUCKS UK
  • Partner JOYRIDE
  • Partner Classic Raid Assistance UK

Preparers of Portugal

  • Partner Franco Sport LDA
  • Partner M Racing
  • Partner Team Bianchi Prata
  • Partner South Racing CanAm
  • Partner South Racing

Preparers of Netherlands

  • Partner HT Husqvarna Rally Raid
  • Partner BAS DAKAR KTM Racing Team

Preparers of Czech republic

  • Partner Big Shock Racing
  • Partner FESH FESH_UK
  • Partner Buggyra Zero mileage Racing
  • Partner Tatra Buggyra Racing

Preparers of others european countries

  • Partner OROBICA Raid
  • Partner RTEAM
  • Partner DUUST Rally Team EU
  • Partner SNAGRACING
  • Partner Rally Raid
  • Partner RSMOTO Honda Rally Team
  • Partner Team 511
  • Partner Tecnosport Rally uk
  • Partner XRAID- EN
  • Partner SNAG - EN
  • Partner G Rally Team EN
  • Partner MotorTechnica
  • Partner APACHE_Automotive_UK

Preparers of North and South America

  • Partner MED Team
  • Partner DKR
  • Partner MAZZUCCO RRT
  • Partner MEC TEAM

Preparers of South Africa

  • Partner Century Racing
  • Partner Red Lined Motorsport
  • Partner South Racing CanAm
  • Partner South Racing

Preparers of Middle East

  • Partner STA Competition Saudi
  • Partner DUUST Rally Team MO
  • Partner DUUST Rally Team SA
  • Partner Saluki Motorsport

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