The Dakar word mark and logo are A.S.O.’s exclusive property.

The use of the Dakar name and logo is exclusive to the organizer, the event’s sponsors and the authorized licensees, under the terms and conditions of the present document and of the event regulations.

You will find below all communication tools at your disposal.

As you registered for Dakar, you are authorized to use the composite logos below.There is a specific logo for competitors and teams. This logo is unique and cannot be changed.

The TEAM NAME (only) may be positioned in the location provided in the logo. The typography used for this effect is IMPACT typography.

Colors references

Pantone® 7598 C
C 0 M 85 J 98 N 20

Pantone® 7548 C
C 0 M 12 J 98 N 0

Usage Rules:

This use is limited to an exclusively promotional framework and with no association with any commercial or institutional Brand.

All use of the logo must be submitted to A.S.O for approval.

  • Minimum size

To preserve optimum legibility, the insert may not be reduced below 13 mm in width.

  • Exclusion zone

A minimum protected space (exclusion zone) must always be left around the logo. This space is equivalent to 5mm.

  • Placing on coloured background
    • On communication tools, the logo should be placed in the top right hand side of the document
    • It may be applied to any photo or colour background.
  • Typographic universe

A typography has been selected for all communication: IMPACT. Its use is compulsory.

You will find hereby the Official Dakar Visual. The available files are provided in two different formats: JPG (high definition) and PDF for the visualisation and email sending.

You are authorized to use the Official Visuals above. This use is limited to a promotional framework exclusively and without any association with any commercial or institutional trademark, on your communication media (print, radio, television, display, internet).

All modifications to the official visual are prohibited.

All use of the Dakar Visual requires A.S.O.’s approval.

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