General conditions

Are admissible on invitation, and are considered as a rider, all persons, of whatever nationality, over 18 years of age, holding an international FIA or FIM Off-Road Rally Licence, or a national licence of regularity for the Dakar Classic.

Each person registered on the Dakar Rally, race, Classic and assistance categories, will have to comply with the administrative obligations required at registration.

Whereas A.S.O. reserves the right to:

  • reserve its right to refuse any candidature in accordance with its own selection criteria, including but not restricted to:
    • the candidate’s respectability and moral standards;
    • the candidate’s merit and sporting results, his or her record within the context of the previous competitions;
    • the candidate’s representativeness
    • logistical constraints (for assistance category).
  • take also into account other criteria which it considers should be included, in accordance with the sporting and economic imperatives to which the Dakar responds.

So as to ensure the best possible course conditions, a limited number of competitors are invited to participate in the Dakar in each category, including assistance of which A.S.O. is the only judge.

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