The ordering of safety equipment is an important step in your preparation. Please find below a presentation of all the compulsory equipment (costs included in the registration).

For your assembly accessories (power supply, cables, brackets...), you must order directly on the websites of our different service providers (not included in the entry fees). You must present yourself at the scrutineerings with your mounting accessories installed, ready to receive the systems.

Please check carefully the information below in order to order the necessary equipment according to the category of each vehicle.

Compulsory equipments :

  • Jan BRABEC
  • Bradley COX
  • Konrad DABROWSKY
  • Michael DOCHERTY
  • Mathieu DOVEZE
  • Romain DUMONTIER
  • Jean-Loup LEPAN
  • Paolo LUCCI
  • Toni MULEC
  • Neels THERIC
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For all your question about the Iritrack, the Smalltrack or the Sarsat distress beacon, you can go to the Marlink eshop or your can contact directly Marlink:

EMEA: +33 (0)1 48 84 34 00
Americas: +1 (310) 616 5594
+1 855 769 39 59 (toll free)
Asia Pacific: +65 64 29 83 11

Iritrack is a safety instrument and must therefore be connected directly to the battery.

Iritrack enables real-time monitoring of positions and tracking of competitors, thereby making it easier to follow the race.

Iritrack enables you to transmit qualified information to the race headquarter (PCO) in real time. In the case of a problem, you can be pinpointed by the organization and even talk with them.

Fields of application are as follows:

  • Triggering or requesting emergency help in case of a serious incident (for you or for another competitor),
  • Transmission of an alarm and/or telephone contact with the PCO.

There are 2 possible modes:

  • Transmission of an alarm and/or telephone contact with the PCO,
  • Automatic: if a brutal shock or a prolonged stop of the vehicle is detected, the system transmits an alarm message to the PCO indicating your GPS position. With the telephone function, the PCO can contact you without any action on your part (automatic receiver pick-up and inbuilt microphone) to establish a dialogue.

A 1500€ deposit will be asked for the Iritrack.


CAR/ T3 / SSV / Dakar Classic 


It is necessary to pass order for the following support accessories : power cables, antennas, supports....

For all your question about the GPS UNIK II or the GPS UNIK IV, you can go to the eshop ERTF or you can contact directly ERTF :

E.R.T.F. Compétition (GPS)
Parc Technologique de SOYE
Tél. : +33 (0)
Fax : +33 (0)
E-mail :
Web :

Sentinel is a safety instrument and must therefore be connected directly to the battery. Sentinel is a safety system fitted to all racing vehicles. It enables to warn the competitors on the following cases:

  • The vehicle behind wants to overtake: when the driver of a car or truck presses on the push-button control, a signal is transmitted to the competing bike/quad/car/truck that he wants to overtake (range: 150 meters). The driver about to be overtaken receives an audible warning.
  • Accident warning alarm: if a vehicle represents a danger to competitors arriving on the sport (concealed behind a dune, rollover after turn), the pilot must press the two alarm buttons on his Sentinel. Then coming competitors are thus informed by an Audible Buzzer plus a Flashing Light.


It is necessary to pass order for the following support accessories: power cables, antennas, supports…

All the fleet of cars, T3, SSV and Trucks of the DAKAR 2023 will be equipped with the electronic road book.

You can already discover its presentation and its functioning while waiting for more information concerning the order of the installation kit which will have to be done at ERTF.



For all your question about the TRIPY K, you can go to the TRIPY website or you can contact directly TRIPY :

Tripy S.A.Faubourg de Bruxelles, 320
Tél. : +32 (0)
Fax : +32 (0)
E-mail commande :
Web :

The TRIPY K is compulsory and reserved for assistance vehicles (excluding camping-cars), press vehicles and the Dakar Classic.

Camping-cars are equipped with the TRIPY R.

 The TRIPY offers an automatic kilometre count note by note for each roadbook, a Tripmaster function, an audible and visual alarm to warn of speeding and dangers, a warning in case of leaving the roadbook and a compass heading to return to it.

Tripy K Mounting Kits must be ordered online here. It consists of 2 RAM-Mount fixings, 1 power cable (ref 9020K identical since DKR2021), 1 sun cap.

For the R version, order here a suction cup (ref. 6072) and an articulated arm (ref. 6001) and foresee the availability for the installation of a direct battery power cable. The power cable and the support for fixing the TRIPY-R to the suction cup will be lent to you and supplied to Sea Camp by TRIPY.

IMPORTANT: for the Tripy GPS, it is imperative that the power supply is permanent without a circuit breaker and therefore connected directly to the battery.

The Tripmaster GPS will be delivered to the start town and must be returned on the last day of the rally. A deposit of 1000€ will be required for the Tripy K and 500€ for the Tripy R.


Each assistance & press crew must buy a Tripy mounting Kit on TRIPY WEBSITE.

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