As from 2021 the obligation to wear an approved airbag jacket remains.

As mentioned in the FIM regulations, the rider must wear an airbag jacket equipped with a functional cartridge (or a set of cartridges depending on the airbag model) and carry one or a set of cartridges on his machine depending on the model.

In addition, the rider must have replacement cartridge sets, as defined in the FIM rules below:

80.8.3 Replacement cartridge sets for Airbag equipment
During the scrutineering, the competitor must present and have his spare cartridges marked by the technical officials:
- 3 sets of replacement cartridges for a rally
- 6 sets of replacement cartridges for a Marathon rally

At the refuelling point, the people in place will be able to help you to replace these cartridges if needed.
The organiser will no longer provide new cartridges in exchange for the old ones as in the past.
You will find below the list of approved airbags and the corresponding label that must be present on your jacket and that will be checked during the technical controls.


In order to ease the purchase of your airbag jacket, you can find below all the information related to the different commercialized products compliant with the F.I.M homologation.





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