While we welcome all projects, we reserve the right to decline those not aligned with our defined energy groups or safety standards. For 2025 fees* please refer to Dakar fees page: here.

*Please note that for all projects participating in the challenge, an additional participation fee for the energy supply will be required.


Registration Process: 

(The registration dates are the same that apply for Dakar)

  1. 1. Follow the steps to register and start creating your file: Registration Link
  2. 2. Mission 1000 is a limited category reserved for special projects. Therefore, it is mandatory for all projects to submit a detailed project presentation to A.S.O. at alepandeligny@aso.fr and tviardot-ext@aso.fr. Please note that Mission 1000 is limited to a certain number of projects.
  3. 3. A.S.O. will assess the technical specifications of all projects applying to the Mission 1000 challenge. The Competitors Department will be in touch to validate or reject the application.