As part of the Dakar 2022, we would like to draw your attention to shipping instructions and customs procedures which you must follow in order to have your shipment shipped and cleared into Saudi Arabia. It is very critical to read and follow these instructions in order to avoid delays or even blocking your shipment / vehicle from entering Saudi Arabia.  

Regarding the importation of your vehicle and equipment, you must be thorough and strictly follow the instructions provided by the organisers. We strongly recommend you to contact Axelerom International for door to door services.  

In order to respect customs instructions and so as to avoid problems in Saudi Arabia, all the competitors must imperatively possess the same stock of spare parts on entering and exiting Saudi Arabia, in compliance with the PACKING LIST to be downloaded below.  

For any questions concerning customs formalities, competitors should contact Axelerom International:

Axelerom Staff :
Richard Daou – Axelerom International
Harun Abdulatif – Axelerom International (
Myriam Bou Nader – Axelerom International
Emile Hoyek – Axelerom International (
Khalil Al Khoury – Axelerom International
Joe Chamy – Axelerom International (  

Axelerom International ltd.
1st Floor, Office No. 2, Al Hussein Business Center, Al Batarji Street
P.O.Box  126747 – ZIP Code 21352 - Jeddah - Saudi Arabia    

Please find below all customs procedures for the Dakar 2022:


Please check this page to complete your packing list.


Once in the “customs office” at the administrative scrutineering at Marseille Port, you should have upload your packing list on the Axelerom website and filled the customs requirement on the same website (see above). Also you should have uploaded all required documents at ASO portal (i.e: Vehicle registration copy).  

We strongly recomment you to bring and present the original vehicle registration certificate as well as the printed packing list and/or having the digital packing list copie on a pendrive.

All the other participants of the Dakar who do not take the Cargo Vessel from Marseille must send the vehicle registration certificate + the full packing list + the vehicle participation attestation (downloadable from your file) to Axelerom International before the 15/11. Also you should have already filled the web-link for Saudi Customs requirement at Axelerom web-page provided from the link.


For the participants of the Dakar (competitors, press, logsitics, TV, marketing and others) who will board their vehicle on the Cargo Vessel in Marseille, Axelerom International will take care of all customs formalities in Saudi Arabia and will be covered by the framework of the A.S.O. customs bond.

Participants who import their vehicles and/or equipment to Saudi Arabia with Axelerom International or another forwarding agent should also use Axelerom International to conduct the saudi customs formalities for entering Saudi Arabia and submit their security policy by themselves. Also should have already filled the web-link for Saudi Customs requirement at Axelerom web-page provided from the link. Without following those procedure and passing through Axelerom service for the clearance and customs declaration, ASO can’t ensure the good delivery of the vehicle/shipment.

1 - With Axelerom International as forwarding agent: By contracting Axelerom International as forwarding agent the Teams will automatically benefit from Dakar security policy and Axelerom International will take care of customs formalities from the entrance to the exit of Saudi Arabia.

2 - With another forwarding agent: By contracting with another forwarding agent, you will have to subscirbe your own security policy. During arranging your freight to sail to Saudi Arabia you or your forwarding agent should get in contact with Axelerom International in order to prepare the Commercial Invoice/ Packing List to match the requirements of Saudi Arabia Customs – once organized your freight will be ready to move to Saudi Arabia. Competitors must inform Axelerom by email and upload the packing list online , at least 10 days before BOOKING their shipments from Origin. All the inbound shipments must be booked to Jeddah Port / Airport and Axelerom will customs clear the shipments and deliver them to you at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and then will arrange for the return to your origin after the race.


All the teams that are in surrounding countries to Saudi Arabia and wish to enter Saudi Arabia by their own means, should accept the same regime as above and contact Axelerom International whether they want to use their own forwarder or Axelerom services. This should be done by accessing the web-link provided and filling all the information requested by first dowloading the ONLY approved packing list format then uploading it again completely filled and proceeding to the next level as guided by the link.
For border crossing, any participant must inform his forwarder that ONLY approved packing list by Axelerom will be allowed to be used at Saudi Customs. Packing list must be consigned to the Ministry of Sport as the client and the shipper in country of origin should be the shipper where the cargo is coming from.  

ASO & Axelerom will not be responsible for any delay of any competitor coming by Land Freight who did not confirm the commercial documents of his shipment with Axelerom BEFORE moving his shipment by at least 10 days.  

Shipments that are in transit already without confirmation of the commercial documents with Axelerom will be stuck at Saudi borders at the competitor cost and risk.


  • Packing List : filled and uploaded into Axelerom website before booking/ moving the shipment. Also it should be confirmed by Axelerom personnel that it is filled correctly and no information is missing or worng.
  • Certificate of Origin: please check with Axelerom case by case for Non-Vessel boarding shipment (Own means).
  • SABER Certificate (certificate of conformity): For DK2022, some shipments/ Items might need SABER certificate depending on HS code of the item.
    SABER must be applied for in the saudi customs system (By Axelerom and Ministry of Sport) before the shipment arrival / booking to Saudi Arabia.
    Axelerom operation team will help you identifying if your shipment needs SABER certificate or not and will also handle the application for it (Shipments boarding ASO Vessel will have blanked approval for SABER – excluding Cntrs – and Axelerom will guide you thru that).  

SABER certificate process:
Fill packing List >> upload into Axelerom portal >> contact Axelerom for confirmation >> provide shipping (AWB / BL) and commercial documents to Axelerom >> Axelerom will apply for SABER and obtain it within 48 hours >> Once obtained, you can proceed with your shipment to Saudi Arabia.


Teams who go back to Marseille with the ASO Cargo Vessel will have to drop their vehicles of in the Port of Jeddah or contact Axelerom at the arrival in Jeddah to arrange their access to the port for the drop off the vehicles. Then Axelerom/ASO will take care of the customs formalities.

On exiting Saudi Arabia, all the participants who are not boarding the A.S.O. cargo vessel must have already informed informed ASO/Axelerom prior to their shipping from origin. All the participants that came with the ASO Cargo Vessel in KSA must imperatively take the same cargo vessel back to Marseille.
Competitors who are exiting must obtain from Axelerom the form to leave the territory of Saudi Arabia.
Without this formality, participants may not exit the country and shall be retained at its borders.  

Reminder: all vehicles and equipment declared under the provisions of temporary importation must be taken back to their country of origin, irrespective of their condition at the end of the rally (damaged, burned and broken down vehicles, used tyres, flat batteries, etc.).


If any equipment will not arrive on a charter vessel from Marseille, please kindly consider the following cargo arrival deadlines:

Sea freight
Port of Discharge: Jeddah Islamic Seaport
Shipments must arrive to Jeddah Port latest by December 10th, 2021.  

Airport of Destination: King Abdulaziz International Airport  (JED) or King Khaled International Airport (RUH).
Shipments must arrive to JED/ RUH Airport latest by December 10th, 2021 – for late airfreight arrival please contact directly Axelerom operation.  

Road freight
Trucks/Shipments should arrive at the UAE-KSA border latest by December 10th, 2021  
It’s highly recommended to ship sea freight consignments on direct service to Jeddah Islamic Port in order to avoid any delays caused by transhipments in other ports.


For all withdrawals, it is compulsory to go to Axelerom desk that will be set up in all the bivouacs next to the competitors’ service (El Central) between 4 pm and 10 pm. This process is compulsory and necessary for customs formalities.
The competitors who don’t comply with those formalities won’t be able to exit the country and will be blocked at the border.

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