V.S.O, the official travel agency of the Dakar Rally, prepares for this new edition an air offer for competitors, assistants and their families in accordance with the Rally dates.

These charters, operated from several European cities, are to Yanbu airport and back from Dammam city.

Transfers from Yanbu airport to the port or from the airport to the Sea camp are provided in connection with these flights arranged by VSO. 

See below the offer with the dates, the cities and the prices.

جهات الاتصال: 

  • لورونس أفيجو: lavigo@aso.fr – الهاتف: 01 41 33 46 63
  • ساندرين لوجيال: slejealle@aso.fr – الهاتف: 01 41 33 14 79
  • جان-مارك تيودوز: jmtheodose@aso.fr – الهاتف: 01 41 33 46 91
  • VSO@aso.fr 

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