As a reminder, a online custom procedure is implemented from last year. You must follow the 4 following steps before November, 22nd:

  • step 1: Submit a copy of your vehicle registration document on your space
  • step 2: Downloading the packing list template
  • step 3: Completing the packing list with your information
  • step 4: Drop your packing list completed on Axelerom website here

The packing list is a mandatory official document that must be completed in English. You must complete one for each vehicle. Please indicate if a motorcycle/quad/car is inside a truck.  

In order to help you to complete it, you will find in the Shipping Guidelines below all the necessary information including the HS Codes.

Once you have completed your packing list, you must submit it on the Axelerom website following the procedure indicated and imperatively before 22 November.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Axelerom at the following address:  

Drop your packing list here.

For all competitors who are not taking the A.S.O. boat, please contact Axelerom and read here  to know the custom process.

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